TAX: As of 1 July 2018, Australian goods and services tax (GST) will apply to shipments that have a total value of 1,000 AUD or less being imported into Australia. Most goods and services you purchase locally in Australia automatically include GST in the price, but now companies importing goods and services from around the world are required to collect the tax directly from Australian shoppers. GST is calculated based on the value of the items you ship from a merchant, plus Shopit US service and shipping charges. GST has always been collected by Australian customs on goods and services from the USA that are valued over 1,000 AUD, but as of 1 July 2018, if the total value is under 1,000 AUD, you are now required to pay GST as well and we will be collecting that tax. GST is valued and charged per merchant. That means if you ship a consolidated package with Shopit US that has a $200 item from Merchant A, and $1,200 item from Merchant B, you will still be charged GST for Merchant A. Learn more about GST here.


DUTIES: If you're shipping a package to AUS with a total declared value LESS than the below listed "de minimis value" amount, then duties will not apply. However, please be aware that certain items may be subject to other types of fees or taxes according to Australian law.  

  • De minimis Value for Duty: 1,000 AUD*
  • De minimis Value for Tax: 1,000 AUD*

*excluding alcohol and tobacco where duty/tax apply


If GST is due, it will be noted on your Shopit US ship request. Other applicable Australian duties and taxes will not be included in your Shopit US shipping costs. You may be responsible for paying additional duty and taxes upon delivery of your package in Australia. 

Shopit US

TheShopit US Advantage:

We'll notify you of any prohibited or damaged items before we ship your package to AU, so you won't have to pay duties or taxes on items returned back to America.


How long will it take to ship from the USA to AU? Average transit times from the Shopit US facility to Australia:

  • Express shipping (preferred): 3 to 4 business days
  • Economy shipping: 5 to 10 business days

The Shopit US facility is located in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Shopit US

The Shopit US Advantage:

Members have a wide variety of discounted shipping rates and options, so they can choose the fastest or cheapest delivery rate based on their needs for each package.


There are import restrictions on what you can ship from the US to Australia. See the link below to determine each carrier's restrictions when shipping internationally to the Land Down Under. Please note, the US also has export bans that must be adhered to.

"Please Read

Please be advised, there are some other special considerations when you're shipping packages to Australia from the United States

Shopit US

The Shopit US Advantage:

We ship thousands of items from the USA to AUS every year, and help members complete necessary paperwork so restricted items can be legally imported into Australia. If an item is strictly banned, we'll notify the member so they don't incur unnecessary fees.


Need to know how much international postage will cost when shipping from the US to Australia? When you’re a Shopit US member, you have access to a real-time shipping cost tool that allows you to compare shipping methods, rates and delivery times to find the cheapest and/or fastest shipping options.

We also have a shipping estimate calculator you can use to estimate rates. 

Save on Shipping with Shopit US

Shopit US helps you save big when you’re shipping packages to AU from the United States. Here’s how:

  1. Gold members receive an additional 20% shipping discount
  2. All Shop it US members can take advantage of our free parcel consolidation and forwarding service. This saves a lot of money versus buying items from multiple US retailers and shipping each item separately. How does it work? Shop it US collects your parcels as they arrive in our warehouse and stores them in your personal Shopit US suite. When all your purchases arrive, we carefully repackage your items into one efficient box and ship to you (instead of shipping every item individually).