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Join with our easy online registration and immediately get your USA address. Use your new U.S. address for shopping U.S. Websites and online stores. ShopitUS will repackage and can consolidate your items. ShopitUS package forwarding ships internationally to your address to over 200 countries Worldwide.

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We receive your package at your free  U.S. address and process it at our  Orlando Florida Facility. Free Storage for 30 or 60 Days! 

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Order is

A photo is taken of the package upon arrival. Upon your instructions, we will ship,  re-pack, and consolidate several packages for substantial savings to you!

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Order arrives at international destination

We work with trusted logistics partners to ensure that your product arrives safely right to your door in a timely manner.

Check our shipping calculator for estimated rates on Australia, NewZeland, Indonesia, UAE, Canada, Japan, China


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