Shipping The US To Australia, What you should know.

For the Australia shoppers, let us help you ship packages to Australia from the USA.

We’ll help you find the great deals and purchase items in the USA then ship your packages for low rates to Australia.

We can also help you with exchange rates from AUS to USD and give you information on shipping transit times and US/AU duties and taxes on your purchases. 

It’s summertime shopping season in the US and it won’t be long before the back to school and holiday seasons are upon us. It may be helpful to review the items that are and are not legally imported into Australia.  The below links will give you a general idea of what is not permitted from USA Carriers. Check your Customs Office website for current information. permitted.  Breakable or fragile antiques and jewelry containing precious metals or stones are on the Prohibited Commodities list. Restricted commodities also range from animal skins to foodstuffs to soil samples and tobacco. 

Average transit times to ship from the USA to Australia are also provided in this section. “Please Read

Please be advised, there are some other special considerations when you’re shipping packages to Australia from the United States.

DHL has a service called Courier Express or the FedEx Priority service can get your USA purchases to most Australian Cities cities in just three or four days!

TAX: As of 1 July 2018, Australian goods and services tax (GST) will apply to shipments that have a total value of 1,000 AUD or less being imported into Australia. Most goods and services you purchase locally in Australia automatically include GST in the price, but now companies importing goods and services from around the world are required to collect the tax directly from Australian shoppers.

Happy shopping! Shop USA and Save on International Shipping. Check out the great DEALS  Australia

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