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Full Service Shipping, Handling and Consolidation to Any Non-Sanctioned Destination

Many businesses in the US won't ship overseas or accept an overseas address.
We take care of your packages from US stores or online orders received here at our Orlando, Florida facility.
They arrive at YOUR ORLANDO, FL. USA ADDRESS and we will ship and or re-pack, consolidate several packages for substantial savings to you!
Order from your favorite US stores online or if your visiting our world class destination, shop to your hearts desire and let us pack and ship to your home!

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Safe & Fast Delivery to Your Doorstep

We do care about fast order delivery. Your package will be at your doorstep right on time.

  • Any fragile package that needs care.
  • Documents that should reach you on time.
  • Large hardware direct to your location.

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We provide a unique service for anyone and you can be rest assured without any delay your item will be shipped to your worldwide location.

Unlike some other shipping agencies, we handle extra large packages too. From Audio Rack Systems to Stage Lighting & Sounds, Auto parts to Vehicles, Boats, Forestry products, Grapplers, chipper trucks.
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We work with world's leading package forwarding agencies.
Safe arrival of your package to your doorstep!
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